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So your company has considered the value of internships, and has decided to take the plunge. Studies have shown internships to be a valuable tool for both the employer and the intern, especially when it comes to paid internships. Taking the time to create a strategic approach to creating an internship is critical for the success of the program.

The National Association of College and Employers has done a great deal of research on internships that can be found on their website, in the Knowledge Center section. Internships can be paid or unpaid, but the NACE’s The Class of 2012 Student Survey Report shows that 63% of paid interns got at least one job offer. Companies that develop paid internships structured them to reflect more relevant job duties that translated to real needs within their business.


Once you have mapped out the internship position, you can upload it to the website. Here are tips for making an effective position posting:

•    Include the word “Internship” in the job title.
•    Ensure the opportunity has a start and complete date specified in the posting.
•    Outline the approximate hours/week for the opportunity and any available details on schedule.
•    State whether the internship is paid or unpaid.
•    Post the position in the category titled, “Part-time/Seasonal/Internship.”

Once we approve the posting, we will send notification of the internship posting to the members of our “College Connect Committee,” which includes representatives from over 20 area schools, and we will also feature your internship posting on our Jobs-NKY Facebook page and send it to our followers on Twitter.
For more information about listing your internship with the Chamber, contact Amanda Dixon at 859-578-6396 or by email at

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