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Let's get back to work! - February 17

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's get back to work!

by Ken Rechtin

"Write if you get work."

In the 1950’s, a radio comedian would sign off with this phrase. Who would have thought that in 2013 finding work for seasoned, professional, experienced workers would be such a chore?

In my last column, I wrote about the efforts of a 55+ Task Force, which was formed about a year ago to address the issue of unemployment among seasoned, mature workers. I wrote about the preconceptions that employers have about the mature worker and a little about the obstacles that we face when we try to reenter the workforce.

The calls came flooding in. Every one of these callers has a story:

“Ken, I am 66 years old, I don’t need health care, I retired about a year ago and I am bored, I want to go back to work…..”

“Ken, I love the column, I’m glad a group is beginning to be the advocate for us…..”

“Ken, I was unwillingly retired by the company that I worked for 24 years…..”

“Ken, I haven’t looked for a job since I just finished college. I really don’t know how or where to begin…..”                

“Ken, you have opened a can of worms here! Now, what are you going to do to help us? Do you have a job for me?”

There are many more unemployed or underemployed mature workers out there than the Task Force ever imagined!  So, what are we going to do about it?

The 55+ Task Force will be hosting an educational opportunity for seasoned, experienced, mature professionals. Here are the details:

Putting your Experiences Back to Work

(A free educational opportunity for seasoned mature professionals)

When: February 19th from 8:30 a.m. to noon

Where: Mazak Corp., 8025 Production Drive, Florence, KY 41042

Cost: Free

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the job search process in today’s world  (Much has changed since many of us have looked for work!)
  • Working with an Executive Recruiter (Understanding the role of a recruiter and how they can help.)
  • Networking: What is it? How do you do it? Is it effective? (Learn 10 Tips to overcome the fear of networking.)
  • Overcoming Job Search Obstacles (Sometimes the real obstacle is us.)
  • Resource information for older adults (So, where can we go for additional help?)

This is just the beginning of the Task Force’s work. The group has plans for more efforts in the coming year. So, to end with another old radio saying: “Please stay tuned for further announcements!”

There are a limited number of seats available for this seminar; you can call Senior Services at 859-491-0522 to reserve your place. Or sign up online at

There is so much to this “getting old” thing that we need to talk about. If I don’t know the answer, I will learn along with you.  If you find this article helpful and have suggestions about other topics, I would appreciate it if you will let me know. I can be reached at 859-292-7971, or email me at  Or write to me at SSNK, 1032 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011.

Ken Rechtin is the Interim Executive Director of Senior Services of Northern Kentucky. Senior Services of Northern Kentucky is a 501c3 not for profit serving the needs of the Northern Kentucky aging population for 50 years. Ken is also a Campbell County Commissioner and one of the “Baby Boomers” (He is 62 years old!).


Posted by: Ken Rechtin

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